Rent a piece of history! Whether you’re presenting a recital or hosting a gala, Peoples Bank Theatre provides a distinctive venue that will delight your audience and leave a lasting impression. Please contact Hunt Brawley, to learn more about our services, technical capabilities, availability and other details of renting the theatre for your next event.

Download the current schedule of Peoples Bank Theatre Rental Rates.

Peoples Bank Theatre is managed by the Hippodrome / Colony Historical Theatre Association, an independent 501c3 nonproft organization. It is part of our mission to make our historic theatre available as a community auditorium to benefit schools, performing arts organizations, service organizations, businesses, and religious organizations. The costs associated with your rental cover the actual, hard costs of utilities, staff, box office services and customer support, event production, marketing, and the preservation and maintenance of this historic facility.

When you rent Peoples Bank Theatre we treat your event as though it is our own and will provide you and your patrons with the best of service from the ticket window to the backstage production. The fees associated with renting Peoples Bank Theatre are what make it possible for us to offer outstanding service at a high-caliber historic facility.

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