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Dr. Dolittle

Sun, April 2, 2017 at 2:00 PM EDT

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Pampered Pets Petting Farm


145 min

Rex Harrison is sheer perfection as the kindly animal doctor in Leslie Bricusse’s musical fantasy Doctor Dolittle, based on Hugh Lofting’s charming series of children’s stories. With the ability to converse in 498 animal dialects, Dolittle gathers up his friends Matthew Mugg (Anthony Newley) and Emma Fairfax (Samantha Eggar) and heads off on a journey to the South Seas to find the elusive great pink snail and the giant lunar moth. Along the way, the group encounters a succession of bizarre human and animal characters — most notably the legendary pushme-pullyou, an animal so outlandish that it compels Albert Blossom (Richard Attenborough) to burst out into the exuberant song, “I’ve never Seen Anything Like It in My Life.” The film was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar in 1967.