Leave a Legacy

In its more than 90 years of presenting entertainment, the Hippodrome and later Colony Theatre of Marietta, Ohio, has been a shining jewel in the cultural landscape of the Mid Ohio Valley. It holds a special place in the hearts of many who can still recall with fondness a night out at the Colony or the Hippodrome Theatre. “Hipp, Hipp, Hoorray,” and “See you at the Hipp,” were popular slogans at the time, and many can still recall their rst date at the “Hipp” or later at the Colony Theatre.

Today, Marietta’s citizens realize that in addition to being a
major historical asset, the revitalized Peoples
Bank Theatre is serving as an important economic catalyst in the community. A recent study by Americans for the Arts indicated that, on average, $20 is spent in addition to the admission price of a performing arts event. On show nights, we frequently hear that local restaurants are at capacity. Overall, this spending generates valuable revenue for downtown Marietta merchants.

Peoples Bank Theatre raised $7 million toward restoration and completed construction on the facility November, 2015. The theatre still needs to raise an additional $500,000 for audio-visual equipment and start up costs.

Realizing the need for long-term financial viability, the Hippodrome/Colony Historical Theatre Association (HCHTA) Board has decided to create an endowment fund that will give the theatre a stable resource of revenue to help underwrite educational programs and to provide for the continuing care of the historic theatre. A $2 million dollar goal has been set for the future endowment fund.

If you would like to make a contributing to the campaign or would like more information on how you can support Peoples Bank Theatre, please contact Hunt Brawley, Executive Director, at 740-373-0894 or email hbrawley@nullpeoplesbanktheatre.com.

Naming Opporutnities

To recognize those making campaign donations of $5,000 and above, the Hippodrome/Colony Historical Theatre Association invites donors to name selected spaces—illustrated on our building map—for example ABC Corporation Stage or John Doe Lobby. Numbers indicate locations on the floor plan. Naming opportunities will be limited in duration to the useful life of the item named.

Below are the building sponsorship opportunities currently available at Peoples Bank Theatre. Each is grouped by its location in the theatre, along with the sponsorship amount. The right column lists opportunities that have already been sponsored.

Contact Hunt Brawley, Executive Director, at 740-373-0894 or email hbrawley@nullpeoplesbanktheatre.com to learn more about naming opportunities in our historic theatre.

1Ticket Booth$100,000 Claimed
2Entrance Lobby$200,000Claimed
3Concession Area$50,000Claimed
4Right Stairway$50,000
5Left Stairway$50,000
6Coat Check$20,000
7Men’s Lounge$10,000Claimed
8Orchestra Lobby$150,000Claimed
9Women’s Lounge$10,000Claimed
11Orchestra Pit$50,000
12Fire Curtain$50,000Taken
13Grand Drape$20,000Taken
15Off Stage Storage$25,000
16Mezzanine Lobby$50,000Claimed
17Mezzanine Corridor$50,000Claimed
18Second Floor Lobby$100,000 Claimed
19Exterior Balcony$25,000 Claimed
20Interior Balcony$25,000
21Lobby Storage A$5,000 Claimed
22Lobby Storage B$5,000
23Vending Room$5,000Claimed
24.aWomen’s Lounge 1$10,000Claimed
24.bWomen’s Lounge 2$10,000Claimed
25Men’s Lounge$10,000Claimed
26Maintenance Room$10,000
27Balcony Stairway$50,000Claimed
28Star Dressing Room A$50,000
29Star Dressing Room B$50,000
30Organ Lofts$10,000
31Projection Room$50,000
33Dressing Room C$20,000
33Dressing Room D$20,000
34Dressing Room E$25,000
35Dressing Room F$25,000
36Staging Area$50,000
37Lower Level Storage$5,000
38Chorus Dressing Room$50,000Claimed
39Green Room$50,000
40Dressing Rooms/Laundry$15,000