How do I purchase tickets? Can I purchase in person? Are there walk-up sales on the night of the show?

Peoples Bank Theatre highly recommends that customers purchase tickets directly through one of the following sources.

  • Online: Visit peoplesbanktheatre.com, navigate to the event page to the event you’d like to tend, and click or tap the “Order Tickets” button. This will allow you to select your seats and purchase them with a credit card. Your printed tickets will be available for pickup at our Box Office inside The Stage Door at 224 Putnam Street in Marietta. Print-at-home tickets have been suspended to combat fraudulent online sellers.
  • Peoples Bank Theatre Box Office (740-371-5152). You may call or visit us in person Monday through Saturday, 9:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. On performance days, the Box Office will open two hours prior to the performance’s scheduled start time and will remain open half an hour past showtime unless otherwise stated.

Important information regarding ticket brokers and unauthorized third parties.
Buy your tickets only from the Peoples Bank Theatre Box Office located at the theatre or peoplesbanktheatre.com.

  • When you buy from a broker, we cannot be responsible for tickets purchased through unauthorized third parties.
  • Your tickets cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.
  • We cannot guarantee that your tickets are valid and cannot guarantee admittance.
  • You will always pay more than face value.
  • We cannot contact you with information regarding time changes, show cancellations, road closures, or other information.
  • We reserve the right to revoke tickets sold to a broker or unauthorized third party. If you hold a revoked ticket. If you are holding a revoked ticket, you will not be admitted and will not receive a refund.

Can I purchase a gift certificate for Peoples Bank Theatre tickets?

You may purchase a gift certificate online or at the Box Office. You may choose to have your gift certificate emailed to you or to be picked up at the Box Office. Your gift certificate will have a unique serial number on it that may be entered when purchasing tickets online or redeemed at the Box Office. If you make a purchase with a gift certificate and have a balance remaining, you will be issued a new gift certificate for the remaining amount. Peoples Bank Theatre gift certificates are valid for one year from the date of purchase. Contact the Box Office at 740-371-5152 or tickets@nullpeoplesbanktheatre.com for details.

Can I return or exchange my ticket?

Exchange privileges are limited to Peoples Bank Theatre Members. For all other patrons, all sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges unless otherwise noted. In the event that a performance is canceled or postponed, the Peoples Bank Theatre Box Office will notify you as to the options that are available.

Members may exchange tickets to another Peoples Bank Theatre show (dependent on seating availability), or for a Peoples Bank Theatre gift certificate. Exchanges are not permitted the day of show. Limited to one upgrade per member, per show.

When will my tickets arrive? Can I print my tickets at home?

When purchasing tickets in person at the Box Office, you will be given the physical ticket.

If you purchase by phone or online, your tickets will be held at Will Call for pick up at the Box office the day of the show or during regular Box Office hours. We have suspended print-at-home tickets in an effort to combat fraudulent online sellers.

The Will Call window is located at the Putnam Street Box Office inside The Stage Door. The Box Office generally opens two hours prior to the performance unless otherwise stated. In order to pick up tickets, you will need to present a valid photo ID (driver’s license or passport). Box Office staff may also request your order confirmation number or to see the credit card used to purchase the tickets as an alternative or secondary form of verification. The Box Office staff will not release tickets if the name on the ID or credit card does not match the name given at the time of purchase. Because lines at the Box Office and will call window can be long on the day of show, it is a good idea to arrive at the Box Office at least 45 minutes prior to the performance.

What should I do if I haven't received an email confirmation

Check your Junk Mail or Spam folder for your email confirmation if it hasn’t arrived in your inbox within an hour of placing your ticket order. You may need to add tickets@nullpeoplesbanktheatre.com to your contacts or address book to avoid having your email confirmation filtered as junk mail or spam.  If you cannot find your email confirmation, please call the Box Office at 740-371-5152 so a staffer can verify your email address and re-send your confirmation.

I want to bring a large group. Do you offer group discounts or special seating for groups?

If you are bringing a group of 20 or more to an event and are interested in discounts or special seating, please call 740-373-0894, or email tickets@nullpeoplesbanktheatre.com. Group discounts and seating may vary by show. Limits may apply.

Are your shows appropriate for children? Does my child need a ticket? Do you offer children's prices?

Peoples Bank Theatre strives to offer a mix of programming, including family-friendly entertainment. Please see individual show listings for details and specific child admission information. For movies, Peoples Bank Theatre lists the MPAA ratings, if applicable.

For most performances, all children are required to have a ticket and separate seat, with the exception of children two years old and younger who will be sitting on an adult’s lap. Any child attending an evening performance should be able to sit quietly through the show. As a courtesy to other audience members, please use discretion in bringing a young child to a performance not designated for children.

In some cases, performances without a Youth/Child price level may be inappropriate for young children. When children’s prices are offered, youth/Child tickets are for patrons age 12 and younger.

Are there any ticket fees?

The price of tickets to all Peoples Bank Theatre events includes a $2 donation to Hippodrome/Colony Historical Theatre Association’s Preservation Fund, which supports the long-term maintenance, restoration, and improvements of Marietta’s Peoples Bank Theatre. Outside promoters and renters may have ticket fees in addition to the advertised price. Ticket fees cover historic preservation and the costs of operating a box office, including staffing, software licensing, etc.

I lost my tickets. Can I get replacement tickets?

Lost tickets may be reprinted at the Box Office. If you have lost your tickets, please present a photo ID and the credit card used to purchase the tickets to the box office. Lost tickets purchased through a ticket broker or unauthorized third party cannot be reprinted.

What do I do if a performance is cancelled? What is the policy with regard to inclement weather?

In the event that a performance is canceled or postponed, the Peoples Bank Theatre Box Office staff will notify you as to the options that are available. All events are subject to performer, date, or time changes. Should a change in the scheduled program occur, Peoples Bank Theatre will make a timely announcement and contact ticket holders as efficiently as possible.

In the case of severe weather conditions, Peoples Bank Theatre events will go on as scheduled if the artist is in Marietta and ready to perform. Only if the artist is unable to perform as scheduled will the show be postponed or cancelled. The Peoples Bank Theatre website will be updated if there are any changes to the event in question. In addition, all ticket holders will receive an email from Peoples Bank Theatre of any changes. We will do our best to communicate a cancellation or postponement on the theatre’s phone system, but the website will be the best and first place to look for updates to the status of any show.


Where are my seats? Do you have a seating chart? How can I tell how much seats cost?

When purchasing tickets online, you can choose to choose your seats from the seat map for most shows. The map will indicate the cost of tickets your seat selections.

What is the seating capacity of Peoples Bank Theatre?

Peoples Bank Theatre has a maximum capacity of 952 seats. On the main floor, this includes 494 fixed seats, plus 16 seats in our ADA wheelchair platform and 12 seats in the orchestra pit. Upstairs, this includes 226 seats in the mezzanine and 204 in the balcony.

How do I get the best seats in the house?

The best seats for Spotlight Series events are first available Peoples Bank Theatre Seat Sponsors and Members. When artists contracts and timing permits, these patrons also received advance tickets on shows that are added to the Peoples Bank Theatre calendar. Event sponsors are also given priority seating.

When shows are added to our online calendar of events, on-sale dates and times are included in the listing.

I got my tickets, and my seats aren't together. Why not?

It’s more than likely that your seats actually are together. Peoples Bank Theatre seating is numbered, as theatre seating often is, with the odd-numbered seats on the left side of the house, and the even-numbered seats on the right. Here is a breakdown of the theatre seat numbers:

All sections are numbered with the lowest number nearest the center.


The center sections are three digit numbers beginning at 101. They number house right to house left from 101 up to 113.

The left and right sections begin again with one and two digit numbers beginning at 1 or 2, with the odd-numbered seats on the left side of the house, and the even-numbered seats on the right. They number outward from the center of the house (1 through 9 or 2 through 8).


The mezzanine and balcony seats are numbered in a similar manner as the auditorium sections.

I hear this is an old theatre. What is the legroom like in your seats?

Peoples Bank Theatre was originally built as the Hippodrome in 1919, boasting some 1,200 seats. Thirty years later, it was renovated and rechristened as the Colony in 1949. As part of that renovation, nearly 300 seats were removed from the main floor to allow for greater legroom. The recent historic restoration of the theatre retained the 1949 seating configuration. Legroom varies from section to section, as described below.

Main Floor
Rows A-T
Row U center section

Average legroom: 30″
Average seat width: 19″

Wheelchair platform
Row U left and right sections

Average depth: 42″
Companion seats:
Average legroom 32″
Seat width: 19″

Rows AA-EE
Average legroom: 24″
Average seat width: 17″

Row FF
Average legroom: 26″
Average seat width: 17″

Row GG center section
Average legroom: 26″
Average seat width 17″

Row GG left and right sections
Average legroom 28″
Average seat width: 17″

Rows HH-MM
Average legroom: 24″
Average seat width 19″

Rows NN-PP
Average legroom: 26″
Average seat width: 19″

Row QQ
Average legroom: 30″
Average seat width: 19″


Is there wheelchair seating?

A number of auditorium level seats in have been allocated to patrons in wheelchairs with an equal number of seats for companions in Row U. These seats are generally held until 5:00 p.m. on the day of the show. After 5:00 p.m., any unsold seats will be released for sale to the general public. Additionally, ten (10) aisle seats throughout the auditorium level are equipped with movable/folding transfer arms, which offers patrons with limited mobility the option of sitting in fixed theatre seating when possible. These seat locations are B1, B2, D101, D113, E13, E14, S17, S18, T112 and T101. Both wheelchair and transfer-arm seating options are indicated in the seating map in our online ticketing system and are also available when contacting our Box Office either in person or when calling 740-371-5152. On the main floor, the box office, main concession area, drinking fountain, and all auditorium level restrooms are wheelchair accessible.

Is there an elevator in the theatre?

Please note that there is no elevator at Peoples Bank Theatre. The second floor lobby, second floor concessions and seating in the Mezzanine and Balcony are only accessible by stairs. On the main floor, the Box Office Window, lobby concession area, drinking fountain, and all auditorium level restrooms are wheelchair accessible.

Are Assistive Listening Devices available?

The theatre is equipped with FM Assistive Listening Devices. Patron’s may request either an earpiece or a T-coil compatible neck loop for use with the Assistive Listening Devices. A photo ID is held until the hardware is returned.

Is sign language interpretation available?

Sign language interpreters are available during performances. This service should be requested at least two weeks before the day of the show by calling the theatre office at 740-373-0894.

Theatre Information

Where is the theatre located

Peoples Bank Theatre is located at 222 Putnam Street, near the intersection of Putnam and Third (OH-60), approximately 2 miles west of I-77 Exit 1. Visit our Contact page for a map and additional details.

Where can I park?

In addition to on-street parking available throughout downtown Marietta, there are six parking lots available to Peoples Bank Theatre guests. Five of these are located within one block of the theatre. The sixth is located between the Putnam Street Bridge and Muskingum Park. See our Parking Map for lot locations relative to the theatre.

Are there snacks and beverages available for purchase?

Yes. Concessions are available for purchase in the lobby on the main level and in the Marquee Lounge on the mezzanine level for most shows. Selections may vary by show, but snack items available include popcorn, assorted candies and specialty food items at select shows. Beverages include soft drinks, water, wine, beer and specialty cocktails at select shows. You are invited to enjoy your refreshments in the theatre, unless otherwise posted. Outside food and beverage are not permitted in the theatre. Wine and beer served in the theatre may not be taken outside of the theatre.

Does the theatre serve alcohol? What is your alcohol policy?

Peoples Bank Theatre is dedicated to providing an exciting and memorable guest experience while ensuring the safety, security, and enjoyment of all guests. On most shows, our beverage selection includes wine, beer, and at select events specialty cocktails. Alcohol served in the theatre may not be taken outside of the theatre. The following policies apply to all guests. Any guest violating any of these policies may be asked to leave our facility.

  • Guests are expected to obey all state and local laws governing the purchase, possession, and consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  • It is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages.
  • The Theatre Management reserves the right to refuse service to any guest at any time.
  • Peoples Bank Theatre is committed to ongoing responsible alcohol management training for all serving staff.
  • At most events, alcohol service will stop 45 minutes prior to the end of the event or at the discretion of Theatre Management.

Thank you and please remember to drink responsibly.

Do you have a lost and found?

Yes. During a show, if you’ve lost an item, please ask one of our ushers or staff to check the lost-and-found collection. You may also check with the Box Office window during regular hours.

Is there a drop-off area in front of the theatre?

For most events, Peoples Bank Theatre restricts parking in the spaces directly in front of the entrance on Putnam Street to facilitate drop-off and pick-up. If you have special needs for your arrival or pick up, please contact our administrative office at 740-373-0894.

When do doors open?

In general, doors open approximately 1 hour before live performances, and 30 minutes prior to films. Peoples Bank Theatre will notify ticket holders by email when there are significant changes to the usual door times. Peoples Bank Theatre may open doors later when requested to do so by the artist.

Where are the restrooms located?

Men’s and women’s restrooms are located on the main floor and mezzanine levels. The downstairs restrooms are located at the back of the auditorium. The downstairs men’s room is located immediately to the left of the auditorium entrance. The women’s restroom is located at the opposite end of the auditorium’s back corridor. Upstairs men’s and women’s restrooms are located through the entrance of the mezzanine, on either side of the mezzanine stairs.

What if I arrive after the show starts?

Each individual show’s producer or artist determines the seating policy for late arriving guests. In some instances, if you arrive after the show begins, you may be asked to wait until there is a natural break in the program before going to your seat.

Why can't I find an event that I know is playing at Peoples Bank Theatre?

Because many other organizations rent the theatre from us, a variety of events not produced by Peoples Bank Theatre or the Hippodrome/Colony Historical Theatre Association can also be found in our theatre. For further information, you can also visit the artist’s or organization’s site.

What is your policy regarding cell phones, cameras, and other electronic devices?

Please remember to turn off all cellular phones, pagers, and electronic watch alarms before entering the theater. Cameras and recording devices of any type are not permitted at any Peoples Bank Theatre performance, unless explicitly permitted by the artist or presenting organization. Guests using prohibited devices in violation of this policy may be ejected from the theatre without refund.

What is your policy regarding bags, purses, and other personal items?

Jackets, bags, and purses may be searched at management’s discretion. Only the following bags are allowed inside the theatre:

  • Clear bags made of plastic, vinyl, or PVC,  measuring up to approximately 12 inches x 12 inches
  • Hand-sized, clutch-style purses measuring up to approximately
  • 5 inches x 8 inches

Larger items that have the potential to block walkways or disturb other patrons will need to be stored at the box office.

Are guns and other weapons allowed?

Guns, knives, weapons, pepper spray, projectiles of any kind, or any other item that could be used to inflict harm are prohibited inside theatre premises. Replicas of weapons are also not permitted.

Does Peoples Bank Theatre have a dress code?

Since the types of shows vary greatly, Peoples Bank Theatre does not have a dress code.

What is the best way to stay informed about upcoming events at the theatre?

Subscribe to our email list to be the first to get news about Peoples Bank Theatre, upcoming events, newly added shows and special pricing on tickets. Peoples Bank Theatre also regularly updates its website, peoplesbanktheatre.com, with news, upcoming events and ticket information. We also invite you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for news, updates, and stories from behind the scenes at Peoples Bank Theatre.

Still looking for answers?
Check out our contact page and staff contact lists to tell us how we can help.

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