Important Information Regarding Fraudulent & Unauthorized Third-Party Ticket Sellers

The Peoples Bank Theatre website ( is the only authorized online ticketing site for all events at our venue in Marietta, Ohio. Make sure you buy only from our Box Office or official website to avoid being scammed.

If you buy tickets from an unauthorized third-party website:

  • You will almost certainly pay far more than the prices listed on our website.
  • Peoples Bank Theatre is not responsible for those tickets or the money you used to purchase them.
  • We cannot guarantee that those tickets are valid. If our scanners cannot scan them, you will not be able to attend the event for which those tickets were purchased.
  • Because third-party tickets are not purchased under your name on our official ticketing system, we will not be able to contact you regarding cancellations, postponements, or other possible situations impacting event attendance.
  • If those tickets are lost or stolen, we cannot replace them for you.
  • Peoples Bank Theatre reserves the right to revoke tickets purchased or sold by an unauthorized third-party vendor.
  • Under no circumstance can we refund tickets purchased from a third-party vendor.

Avoid Online Ticket Scammers

Search engine results for Peoples Bank Theatre often return fraudulent ticketing websites and third-party sellers presenting themselves as valid vendors. While we can’t control this fact, we can strive to inform patrons that is the only ticketing site they should use when they wish to see shows at our entertainment venue in MariettaOhio.

When you order tickets to one of our events, make sure you’re on our official website. Our logo should be present on the page, as well as our navy blue, brick red, and light gold branding colors. Our street address, Box Office phone number, Main Office phone number, contact email, and Box Office hours should all appear in the webpage footer, as well as other specific information regarding our historic venue in MariettaOhio.

If you have any doubts when purchasing tickets to Peoples Bank Theatre events online, please call our Box Office at 740-371-5152 or email to confirm that you are buying valid tickets.

Print-At-Home Tickets

Did you know that fraudulent ticket sellers and unauthorized third parties are the reason why we suspended our print-at-home tickets? Our efforts to protect our patrons have helped to decrease the number of scammed customers over the past several months, to the point that we are now able to offer print-at-home tickets to Seat Sponsors and annual theatre Members. As a small venue in southeastern Ohio, we are able to form close relationships with our trusted supporters.

If you’d like to regain access to print-at-home tickets and ensure that Peoples Bank Theatre can continue offering some of the best live entertainment in the Mid-Ohio Valley for years to come, please consider becoming a Seat Sponsor or annual Member today.