Seat Sponsorships

Seat Sponsorships

Download our Seat Sponsorship Guide (PDF).

Seat Sponsorships play an important role in assisting the HCHTA with its funding goals and the continued preservation of the theatre!

Gifts can be made at $1,500, $1,000 or $750 levels, and they offer the community a special opportunity to support this local landmark and continue its proud tradition that began in 1919.

Donations are tax deductible, and proceeds in excess of seat cost and installation will help with other capital improvements. Specific seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis, but the HCHTA reserves the right to change seat sponsorship location (within the same sponsorship level) due to construction changes or seating reconfiguration. Nameplates will become part of the rich history of Peoples Bank Theatre. The enclosed seating chart diagrams the location of sponsorship levels.

You will receive a naming plate on the top of the seat back cushion and on a donor plaque in the theatre as special recognition for your gift.

If you’d like to sponsor a seat, please contact us!

Donors can commemorate themselves, a friend or family member, organizations, a special occasion or a business. The nameplates will accommodate up to 50 characters. The seating diagram indicates sponsorship levels by color. Gifts can be made by check or credit card.

Current seat availability. Last updated October 6, 2016. Please contact our office to confirm seat availability. Click the seating charts below to enlarge. (Or download the seating charts as a PDF.) Seats marked in white are available for sponsorship. Seats marked in black have been claimed for sponsorship.

Auditorium Level:

Mezzanine & Balcony Levels:

Donors may specify the seats they wish to sponsor on a first-come, first-served basis. Seat sponsorship is not a reservation of the seat itself for future events. Season tickets are purchased separately.Whenever possible, seat sponsors will be given a first right to reserve tickets for the seat they have selected.

Support for the Seat Sponsorship Campaign helps provide the community with a state-of-the-art performing arts center; a grand public auditorium with the ability to provide activities that will enhance the quality of life in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Your gift will help enhance the quality and character of life for present and future generations of citizens in the Mid-Ohio Valley. You can become a permanent part of the history of Peoples Bank Theatre today by sponsoring a seat.

If you’d like to sponsor a seat, please contact us!

Terms of Seat Sponsorship

Seat sponsorship is a naming opportunity for capital expenditures and is not a reservation of the seat itself for programming. Whenever possible, however, seat sponsors will be given a first right to reserve tickets for the seat they have selected.

Seat Sponsor Pre-Sale Ticket Opportunities

As a seat sponsor, you have first opportunity to purchase subscriptions to our Spotlight Series events and specific series tickets in advance of general public sales. Seat sponsors will be given a limited pre-sale time–typically one to two weeks—to make ticket purchases for their sponsored seats. After the specified pre-sale, sales will be open to the general public. Once sales open to the general public, seat sponsors may also purchase additional tickets beyond those available for their specific, sponsored seats.

Outside Promoters, Rentals, Add-on Shows, and Unassigned Seating Events

There will be times when an outside promoter or rental party wants complete control of the theatre. In these cases, we cannot guarantee seat sponsor pre-sale.

Shows may be booked after the announcement of the Spotlight Series or other event series. Whenever possible, seat sponsor pre-sale will be made available. However, in some instances, the timing of the booking or terms of the artist’s contract may preclude the theatre from offering such pre-sale opportunities.

General admission and cabaret events are also unavailable for seat sponsor pre-sale, due to the nature of ticketing and seating for such events.

Pre-Sale Notification for Seat Sponsors

For Spotlight Series events—and other events when seat sponsors pre-sale is made available—the theatre will send notification by email and mail approximately two weeks prior to general public sales. These communications will specify the events available for pre-sale and the seat sponsor response deadline, after which sales will be open to the general public. It is the responsibility of the seat sponsor to exercise their ticket purchase privileges within the pre-sale period and to ensure that the theatre has up-to-date contact information for these communications. Once the pre-sale period ends, any and all unsold tickets for sponsored seats are released for sale to the general public.