Hipp Stage Productions announces its summer theatre productions of Cabaret (June 22 – 25, and June 30 – July 2) at Peoples Bank Theatre and Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice (June 28 – 29, July 1 – 9) at Muskingum Park. Cabaret will be directed by Geoff Coward, with musical direction by David Tadlock, and choreography by Jill Ruff. The Merchant of Venice will be directed by Andy Felt. Both shows are produced in collaboration with the Marietta College Theatre Department.

The first round of auditions for dancers and the roles of Herr Schultz and Fraulein Schneider will take place January 4 at 6 p.m. at Marietta Dance Academy located at Frontier Shopping Center, 150 Gross Street, Marietta.

Fraulein Schneider and Herr Schultz are both mature, middle-age, and Jewish. Fraulein Schneider is a down-to-earth realist, and she sometimes mixes speech and singing, so we are interested in hearing those who feel comfortable doing this kind of character voice. Her singing range is very low. Listen to the soundtrack excerpts to get an idea of her character. Those auditioning for Fraulein Schneider will sing TWO song excerpts – “So What” and “It Couldn’t Please Me More.” Refer to the audio files and score excerpts below.

1. So What (Fraulein Schneider)
Download PDF of sheet music – Listen:


2. It Couldn’t Please Me More (Fraulein Schneider, Herr Schultz)
Download PDF of sheet music – Listen:

Herr Schultz is a sweet man, ever the optimist, even when it blinds him to the truth. He sings in a mature, romantic tenor voice that requires some high notes. Those auditioning for Herr Schultz will only sing one song excerpt, “It Couldn’t Please Me More,” available at the link above

For the Kit Kat Dancers at this audition, we’re looking for technically trained dancers age 17 and older with some tap experience. There may be some singing involved with the dancers, so we’d like to hear everyone sing a short verse of “Mein Herr,” using whatever singing voice feels comfortable to you – it can be cute, defiant, or something in between. A guide to the German pronunciation is on the sheet music. (The singing may not be a strict requirement.)

Mein Herr (Kit Kat Dancers)

Download PDF of sheet music – Listen:

It is possible that some of the dancers may also be eligible to play one of the “named” Kit Kat character performers, but this will require a later audition. The primary “named” Kit Kat character roles have solos and duets, and must be good singers as well as dancers.

Please practice with the audio files and score excerpts above. We will use these recorded accompaniments in the audition, in order to make everything equal for everyone. Thanks – We look forward to hearing you!