A note from our Executive Director:

Because of ticket scammers, we are back to traditional tickets!

Unfortunately, ticket scamming is still alive and well in the entertainment industry. There is nothing that disturbs us more than hearing about a ticket buyer that has been duped by an online ticket seller. We often hear of someone paying three times our regular price, and if that person is lucky, they actually do have a seat. Unfortunately, many others experience outright fraud, in which a seat is sold twice and is already occupied by the time a duped buyer arrives. It is doubly painful to hear that it was someone’s first time buying a ticket to our theatre and that they traveled a considerable distance to get here. Upon arrival, they find out they have been taken for over $600, and their evening is ruined.

In an effort to combat this problem, we are going back to all traditional tickets as we announce new shows, starting with Best of the Eagles on November 4 and Blue Öyster Cult on November 18. From now on, when you purchase tickets for our events, you will need to come into the box office to pick up traditional printed tickets. We realize this is an inconvenience for many of our patrons. But, when comparing this to the loss of hundreds of dollars and an entire evening out with family or friends, we hope everyone can be patient with us.

Please encourage everyone you know to make sure they purchase tickets only from our website, www.peoplesbanktheatre.com. Resist going to other websites you find from Google search results. Red flags raised by fraudulent sellers include high processing fees, the lack of a seat number (many fraudsters simply list the row), and the absence of our logo on any webpage. 

If you’re unsure whether you’ve ordered from our official website, or if something feels “off” about a ticket transaction, please alert our box office. Our staffers will be able to verify that your tickets are legitimate, or advise you if they are not. We want to ensure you have a fantastic evening at our venue without being disappointed by fraud.

Enjoy the show!

Hunt Brawley
Executive Director