The Hippodrome/Colony Historical Theatre, operating as Peoples Bank Theatre, is excited to launch a substantial $5 million endowment campaign. This initiative aims to bolster facility maintenance, provide comprehensive program support, and ensure the nonprofit’s long-term sustainability.

“After navigating the challenges posed by COVID-19 and successfully establishing ourselves as a premier cultural hub, we are ready to press forward and secure the future of this historic venue,” stated Hunt Brawley, Executive Director of the Peoples Bank Theatre. “By building a healthy endowment, we can protect the theatre against unforeseen challenges and expand our endeavors to serve our community even better.”

The late Dan Stephan Sr., a founding member of the theatre and first Board President, took the organization’s first step toward sustainability in 2000 by setting up an endowment fund at Marietta Community Foundation. The theatre’s current Board now seeks to grow that fund to at least $5 million. 

Heather Allender, President and CEO of Marietta Community Foundation, expressed strong support for nonprofit endowments, remarking, “For many nonprofits, an endowment fund equals stability. They’re a tool that offers steady income, protects organizations long-term, and provides the flexibility needed for growth. I’m confident that nonprofits building their endowment now will be the ones thriving in 20, 50, or even 100 years.”

Aside from addressing maintenance needs and gaining perpetual operational support, Peoples Bank Theatre plans to use this additional funding to expand programming. Particular areas of focus include educational/youth programs, Broadway/theatrical programs, and film. 

“Many forget that we’re a nonprofit organization,” said Brawley. “Ticket sales only cover two-thirds of our annual operations. While we’re extremely thankful for the donors and sponsors who make up this difference, we hope this campaign will decrease our reliance on them to balance the budget and make positive investments in our future.”

Donations can be made online at Additionally, checks made payable to MCF can be mailed to Peoples Bank Theatre, C/O Marietta Community Foundation, 100 Putnam Street, Marietta, OH 45750.  

For major gifts or sponsorships, contact Executive Director Hunt Brawley at 740-373-0894 or